Acoustic (mostly) guitarist/vocalist. Started playing too long ago - stopped playing for 10 years and then found I could still play a bit... so I am

A bit of a Martin-head - but without a guitar with Martin on the headstock: three Dutch-made Vega (by Martin) six-string dreadnoughts, and two Sigma (by Martin) dreadnoughts... and I've persuaded myself I don't need any more acoustics (well, not six-string, anyway).  The Vegas are gorgeous, so to be honest, I don't really want a Martin by Martin any more!

A custom-built bass and a Strat complete the guitar line-up.

For a good few years I was playing around Cardiff, either as an acoustic guitarist and singer, or as bass-player with the Cardiff band Paper Thin (we did a lot of John Hiatt stuff - which I still love).  Currently not a lot of time for gigging, but still covering loads of stuff - from Dylan to Prince, Prince to Prine... Joni Mitchell, Creedence, Neil Young, Hendrix...

This page is just to extend what's already on my Reverbnation and facebook pages: this website is under construction - further links to these and more of my favourite sites will follow.

I'm part way through recording some stuff, too, so as soon as that's finished (don't hold your breath - I've got a lot on!) links to that will go on too.  I can't take bookings at the moment, unfortunately, but if I manage to sneak a sly gig in, details will be posted on here, so keep coming back!!

If you play, keep playing; and if you don't, keep listening.  Most of all, keep music live!